Monday, November 30, 2009

Unique Tattoo Designs For Women - Beautiful Body Art

Tattoo designs for women are becoming very popular. Not too long ago women only put a small tattoo somewhere on their body that could easily be covered up. Now it is becoming a fashion statement for women to have tattoos and they are not ashamed of where they are.

A tattoo is not only a fashion statement but also an expression of your personality. A tattoo is more meaningful if there is a story behind it. Because everyone's story is unique, your tattoo should be unique. There are some great places online to find unique tattoo designs for women.

Tattoos on women are definitely a sign of sexuality. A strategically placed tattoo can say a lot about a woman without her opening her mouth. A tattoo on the upper thigh is very erotic. Not much can stir excitement more than catching a glimpse of a tattoo just under a short skirt.

The feet can be another sexy place for tattoo designs for women. Women spend a lot of time keeping their feet pampered and beautiful. A tattoo is a permanent accessory for your feet.

And of course we can't forget the lower back. The lower back is probably the most popular location for tattoo designs for women. There is so much canvas to work with. A lower back tattoo can be small and placed just above the waistband. If necessary, it can be covered easily and just as easily revealed. If you are daring, you can get a lower back tattoo that stretches across the whole hip bone area. A lower back tattoo can also be the beginning of a larger full back tattoo.

Take your time when looking for unique tattoo design for women. A tattoo is a permanent statement that you make with your body. You want to be proud of that statement for years to come.

Choosing a tattoo can be a hard decision. It will be with you for life so you want it to be unique and imaginative. Stop wasting time looking at website after website. Spend your time looking through thousands of the best tattoo designs all in one place.

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Free Tattoo Flash Art - Finding Quality and Printable Designs of Tattoos

Tattoo flash are images that are pre-drawn or created by tattoo artists and put as displays on the walls of studios or filed in binders to serve as reference for clients looking for ideas and designs for their tats. The traditional flash are hand-drawn on a piece of paper or cardboard, mass produced usually for rapid tattooing.

Examples of traditional flash are designs such as pinup girls, anchor, eagle, heart, dragon and rose tattoos. Those were the early, old school types of tat images that were displayed on the walls of shops which were convenient for those looking to get tattooed. They were drawings that are not complicated and can easily be inked on the chosen body part in one seating.

Nowadays, a lot of these hand drawn tattoo flash are being replaced by works done by professional flash artists who produce them through computer software and sell them on the internet or in conventions. If you Google tattoo designs online, you can be faced with tons of choices which can actually be overwhelming. However, sad to say, a lot of these search results are of low and poor quality especially the free ones. A lot of them are the cookie cutter types that have been used by thousand others; you would not want that, do you?

If you want quality flash tattoos, you can find them on the internet. Disregard the free ones as they aren't any great. Read reviews about the top galleries online and take your pick depending on what your needs are. Just keep an open mind and be precise on what you really want and soon your search will be over for that perfect tattoo designs that you have been dreaming of.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Story of Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

The Nightmare before Christmas is a classic film with a big fan following, so, ever since it came out years ago, Nightmare before Christmas tattoos have been gaining popularity. Everyone wants to get in on the action and have one of these incredibly cool tattoos!

As you may be aware, the movie featured a character named Jack Skellington. The premise is that Jack was the Pumpkin King who lived in Halloween Town. He was extremely bored there, so he visited Christmas Town. What he found there caused him to try to spice up his own town and things got a bit crazy from there.

If you love the movie, you will love the tattoos. Nightmare before Christmas tattoo designs are just as varied as other tattoo designs. You might choose to start out Oogie Boogie or one of the other characters. If you are feeling like getting a more adventurous Nightmare before Christmas Tattoo, on the other hand, you might want to get a large tattoo featuring a Christmas Town or Halloween Town scene in greater detail. No matter what you choose, the result will be a fun image to show off anywhere. Remember, though, not everything needs to be done at once. You could always start off small and add to your Nightmare before Christmas tattoo images later.

As with any other tattoo, location is also important. This is where a little planning comes into play. As mentioned above, you do not need to get your entire Nightmare before Christmas tattoo done at once. However, if you do want to get a large tattoo or you think you might want to make your Nightmare before Christmas tattoo larger and more elaborate later, you need to consider where you are going to put it. Your back or your stomach will lend themselves better to larger tattoos, while smaller ones could be placed almost anywhere on your body that you wish.

When deciding where to place your Nightmare before Christmas tattoo, you should consider the clothing you like to wear and exactly how often you want to show off your tattoo as well. If you get a tattoo on your arm, for instance, it will be more visible than other areas.

There are so many Nightmare before Christmas tattoos to choose from that you can simply pick a design from anywhere on the internet and go with it. However, if you want to add your own personal interpretations of the movie and give it a little extra personal touch, your tattoo artist can help you to do that.

So, if you enjoyed the Nightmare before Christmas movie then you may want to immortalize the feeling by adding Jack Skellington or some other aspect of the film as body art!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Custom Tribal dragon Tattoo

Custom Tribal dragon Tattoo

Triple Strength Tribal Dragons

Triple Strength Tribal Dragons

Kids and Tattoos

I know I wrote a post earlier this week about letting your children get a tattoo when they are of age. But I wanted to touch on this topic as well. First of all when your children are little and beg you to put a temporary tattoo on them you do it without thinking twice. But is the only reason you do this is because you know it will wash off in a couple of days? I mean yes I understand that real tattoos and temporary tattoos are not the same thing by all means. But if you are not careful your children may fall in love so much with those temporary tattoos that they will want a real one when they turn 18. So my question is to everyone out there, should you let your children where temporary tattoos if you have a problem with them wanting to get a real one, one day?

I for one will vouch for this. I always wanted a tattoo since I was like 8 or so. And of course I always wanted to wear temporary tattoos because I wanted one so bad. And in case you are wondering, yes I wear temporary tattoos until I got my real one.

So parents you may want to think twice about wetting down the temporary tattoo and applying it to your child's skin because the next words that come out of their mouth could be, "I want a real tattoo." I guess you can hope they either grow out of it or forget about it. But if your kids are like me they will have that love for tattoos their whole life.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Tattoo Lettering Designs and Ideas For Cool Word Tattoo Designs

It seems like one of the most popular trends in tattooing these days are literary or word tattoo designs. People both men and women are getting written tattoos now more than ever before. However, there are many different styles to choose from and a lot of different options so before you run out and get your tattoo lettering design you should think about how you want the font to look and what you want to write.

The History of Word Tattoo Designs

You see written words have been a part of tattoos for a long time. However, it wasn't until recently that the words became the tattoo itself. It used to be that the words were used to embellish and enhance the tattoo design. For example an anchor tattoo might have the words "home sweet home" written under it. Another example might be the classic heart tattoo with the letters mom written under it. You get the idea here lettering used to be an extra piece to add on. However, these days tattoo lettering and literary tattoos have taken the main stage and they are no longer part of the embellishment but they are part of the tattoo itself.

Different Font Styles

There are many different styles of fonts and new fonts being created every day. The possibilities are unlimited and you can even custom design or have a custom designed font created for your tattoo if you want. However, some of the most common fonts that are used in tattoos are below. These are broad categories and there obviously are many more options within each category.

Celtic - A beautiful lettering font for tattoo designs. The Celtic's were the first to create illuminated manuscripts of the Bible and therefore had perfected the art of calligraphy. There are a few different styles that can fall under the Celtic look. These can include everything from the ornate illuminated capital letters to a simple uncials font. There are so many options and if you are getting a quote or saying that is Irish, Celtic or European you might want to consider a Celtic font.

Gothic - Gothic of course came from the calligraphers that were writing the Bible during the Gothic era. Gothic letters are often very ornate with lots of embellishments. This has been used heavily in gangster tattoos but can also be used in any kind of tattoo letter design. There are a wide variety of different gothic fonts everything from really heavy black lines to much lighter and flowing lines. Gothic fonts can often look great as a literary tattoo.

Calligraphy - Calligraphy of course is a very general terms and can actually be applied to any of the above letter styles also as they are all calligraphy. In reality calligraphy is any type of fancy writing. However over the history of calligraphy most people have come to associate the certain fonts with what is called calligraphy. These are always written with a calligraphic pen and have the distinct look and feel. They pen his a wedge at a 45 degree angle creating bold down strokes and thin diagonal strokes. Again there are many different types and styles of calligraphy and they can make the font or the tattoo look very different so you should carefully consider the options.

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Japanese Tattoo Tradition - Kanji Tattoos

Today, everybody has at least an idea of what a kanji character is. Not that any of us would be able to read and understand the meaning of a particular kanji symbol, but everyone has at least already heard about kanji. That's because of the increasingly popularity of the so called Kanji tattoos.

The western countries have found out how beautiful eastern languages can be, as we all started getting exotic characters inked on our skin.

Chinese, Japanese, Arabian and many other different foreign languages are being more and more translated into the international art of tattooing. Japan tattoos are most beloved for their beauty and powerful symbolism.

Kanji is one of the three "alphabet system" (which is not correct, as it can be hardly defined an alphabet) used in Japan written language.

The written Japan is made up of four different character systems: Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana and Romaji, which is the way they call the Latin alphabet.

Learning to write Japan means to learn all of these systems. The number of characters the Japan written language consists in is incalculable. Only in the Kanji system the number of possible characters is disputed: between 50.000 and 80.000 symbols!!!

Of course not all of these characters are commonly used; most of those fifty thousands consist of obscure variations nobody would ever use.

Another particular aspect of the Kanji characters, often categorized in tattoo websites under Japan tattoo designs, is that they are not really a Japan product. They were used many, many years before in China, where they were invented. The first sign of such characters in Japan goes back to the 57 AD. At that time, the Japanese language itself had no written form at all.

Today Kanji is commonly considered to be a part of the Japanese written language.

These elegant but extremely expressive symbols are getting more and more popularity among tattoo enthusiasts all over the world. The reason behind this popularity is to be sought in the mix of beauty, elegance, mystery and exotic symbolism that can be found in every single Kanji tattoo.

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Tribal back tattoo design for man

Tribal back tattoo design for man

Design of tribal back tattoo

tribal back tattoo

Tribal upper arm tattoo

Tribal upper arm tattoo

Sexy girl with tribal tattoos

Sexy girl with tribal tattoos

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Small Dragon Tattoos - Stop Using the Old School Approach

You know what? I'm sick of scouring the net just to find a few decent looking small dragon tattoos. There's a sea of drab looking designs on the internet and they all look identical to me. Because of this painful experience, I decided to seek alternate routes for finding uncommon designs.

If you've been searching for small dragon tattoos via typical search engines like Google or Yahoo, then you don't know what you're missing! Stop looking for tattoo art like the vast majority of people on this planet; otherwise, you'll wind up inking your skin with designs that are similar to the vast majority of people on this planet! You want top-notch uniqueness? Check out the tips below:

• Search for tattoo ideas by browsing through fantasy art books or websites. A few favorite artists of mine are Steven A Roberts, Frank Frazetta and the dynamic couple, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

• Since you want small dragon tattoos, I urge you to practice simplicity due to the fact that tooting up a small design with all kinds of details would make your tattoo look cheesy. Also note that the aging process of a tattoo means that the small ink on your skin will muss up terribly in say, 4 to 5 years time. If you insist on adding more intricate details, then go for a medium or large size tattoo.

• Browse through membership-based tattoo art galleries. This is my favorite way of finding loads of wicked looking small dragon tattoos. Every time I browse through my favorite gallery, my head is constantly pelted with so many tattoo ideas, what with all the unique and constant artwork updates, image uploading feature so I can get valuable feedback from fellow members, the two-in-one tattoo combination feature, video vault, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Start looking for design ideas by scouring works of fantasy artists or membership tattoo sites, opt for simplicity and most of all stop, searching for tattoo ideas the old school way.

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Celtic Tattoo Art and Tribal Cross Tattoos

Two of the most popular tattoos and also some of my favourite types of tattoos are tribal crosses and Celtic art. The reason for this probably lies in their rich cultural heritage. While some people choose a design that is trendy at a particular time the risk is that they will become so popular that within a small amount of time they will go out of fashion. A Celtic or tribal design is different in that it has a rich history that goes back hundreds of years.

Even though tattoos have become increasingly popular over recent years they have a long history which goes back to ancient times. They have been particularly potent for many tribes and represent a number of different traits and groups. For these reasons many feel that selecting a Celtic or tribal cross will actually hold more cultural meaning than other possibilities like stars or cartoon characters.

Another reason for their popularity is that a number of musicians have chosen these designs and this gives them an association with rebellion and free spirits. The use of tribal art around the upper arm has been in fashion for about 20 years and does not look likely to change. These are the types of designs that are constantly in vogue.

A popular twist on both Celtic and tribal cross designs has been to add a modern feel to the tattoo so it brings it up to date and can add some originality. This could be done by giving it a more cartoon feel or creating a more abstract image from the basis of the original. The good thing about doing this is that you can still have a classic image but it is unlikely that you will come across many others with the same image. You tip your hat to ancient traditions while maintaining a contemporary feel this way.

The final option is where you intend to place the tattoo. A tribal cross has long been used on the upper arm to great effect and if you are unsure this is always a good place to start. The more adventurous of you may consider a back tattoo but this is not for everyone. Celtic tattoo art can work almost everywhere in my opinion as they can be resized and shaped to suit any area of the body. If you want to keep it safe and simple though the arm is a great look that always works.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Temporary Tattoo Craze With Henna Tattoos

Beach goers, summer lovers, and party goers consider body paintings as part of their get-up. Not all however are brave enough to have a tattoo that is permanently marked in their bodies. So as a replacement to the real thing, they result to henna tattoos. This is composed of a washable ink that can last for days depending on how you care for it.

Like the real tattoos, an artist is the one creating the drawing and markings to be inked in any parts of the body. But unlike the real ones, it does not come in many colors. Mostly it appears in shades of black and brown. Tribal or ethnic designs are among the popular henna tattoo styles. Swirls of lines, names or words, and simple figures are those that they choose from. Even the kids can have these types of tattoos since it is considered to be safe and it eventually wears off especially if you constantly wash and scrub it with soap.

The price to have a henna tattoo is relatively cheap. At times, in some beach resorts there is a booth that says HENNA TATTOO to where you can have one and make that as part of your get-up for the day. Some youngsters would even get it off of their allowances just to have this type of body accessory. It creates a fun and hip mood to party-goers as well. Since it is just temporary, they can have big designs that almost cover their entire body.

How to remove this off your body is quite easy. Just scrub it with regular soap on several sessions since once is not enough to completely take it off. Do not overdo the scrubbing because it might already irritate your skin. Some make-up remover such as toners can also be used to lighten the ink before washing it off with soap and water.

Tattoos, whether permanent or impermanent, are truly pieces of art. It is a form of creative expression that provides a certain mood. It also becomes an avenue for the younger generation to show their imagination through artistic designs.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feminine Dragon Tattoo - Locating the Best Designs

You may be thinking, why can't I use the search engines to find a good feminine dragon tattoo? Well you see search engines are great for looking for information, because they can read the text and use lots of other factors to determine if it is providing you with the best possible information. However, when you are searching for tattoo designs, the search engines can't tell what the quality of any particular design is, or how original it is. It is going to throw up results with good information about feminine dragon tattoos, but it won't actually give you the great designs that you are looking for.

At this point, you may be thinking what about Google images? This wont base my results on information, it will just show me the images. This is true, and you may find some great designs this way but the thing is that you aren't the first person to think of using Google images to search for tattoo designs. In fact, millions of other people have already seen and used the designs that Google images throws up so you will end up with the same thing as everyone else. And I'm sure that isn't what you are looking for in a tattoo.

So where is the best place to go to get great feminine dragon tattoo designs? It may surprise you, but one of the best places to go are the large tattoo forums that are around online. These forums have thousands of users who constantly add fresh content, and if you go to their archive section you will find links to some of the biggest and best tattoo art galleries online. If you spend some time on these forums you may well turn up some real gems that you would be proud to have tattooed.

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Dragon Tattoo Gallery - Where to Find the Best

Dragon tattoos are excellent choices for ink. Strong, bold, yet intricate and exact; these tattoos definitely pop out. So where can you find the best designs? A dragon tattoo gallery will contain all kinds of dragon designs. Here are 3 different options:

1. Free sites online:

There are a number of free gallery sites online where you can find many different tattoos, including dragons. Many of the free dragons you'll find tend to be generic designs that you have probably seen before. Nothing too elaborate, elegant, or bold. But if you are looking for a basic design, then a free site might be for you.

2. Tattoo Artists Gallery.

Another option for a dragon tattoo gallery, are individual tattoo artists which have their own site, and specialize in dragons. These can be very unique and original, but there may be a fairly high fee for obtaining each design. Nevertheless you may find a great design that could definitely be worth it.

3. Tattoo Membership Galleries Online.

The best option for a dragon tattoo gallery is usually one which features many different designs listed in various categories. Membership sites provide this. Each category will contain "the best of the best". The category for dragons will contain high quality designs, which work excellent for tattoos. After you find your ideal dragon design, you can always go back and download more designs for future tattoo work. Good galleries will usually have a one time sign up fee, but you will get access to an unlimited number of designs which you can download for present or future ink work.

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